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Game News
Service Updates
Welcome to Brotherhood of Honor! We are currently trying to get members on the website. Once this page is fully up and running it will be a good way to remain in contact with each other in game, and out!

We use Mumble for voice communication, so please make sure you have it before submitting an application to join. (The server address is located within the Member Section of the forums to limit non-member access to the server, it is also in the information panel to the left with a lock so only Member can read it.)

Mumble dl:

Guild Rules:
    - You have to represent the Brotherhood 100% of the time.
    - Please try and maintain a family-friendly nature in Guild chat.
    - Must have an account on the website.
    - Must have Mumble.

How to rank up in the guild:
    - Donating influence
    - Running content with guild members
    - Having a friendly attitude
    - Recruiting new members

If you have any further issues, don't hesitate to ask the leader (Rainforestspirit) or one of the officers in-game for assistance. You can also contact the leader at
Guild News

Updates - Arpril 30th, 2013

Mr Binary, Apr 30, 13 8:34 AM.
Greetings, compatriots! I'm Binary, with a couple updates.

Guild Updates
- Guild missions: Bounties will be run every Saturday at 7pm EST unless there is a lack of members online at the start time.
        - The 'Guild Alliance' rank has been completely removed as we now require 100% representation.

Recruiter Notice:
        -If you recruit someone PLEASE remember to tell them they have to sign up on the website, do not give out Mumble info to those whom do not have an account, and remember who you recruit. They are your responsibility, if they're not repping please remind them of the 100% rep rule.

That's all for now! Cheers, everyone!

Updates - March 2nd, 2013

Mr Binary, Mar 2, 13 5:34 AM.
Hello everyone. Binary here with some updates.

Guild Updates
-Guild missions: It turns out you have to do bounties before anything else. This means we need Art of War to get to a level 6 upgrade. As a PvE guild, we haven't upgraded that much. This is why I encourage guild members to group up more than ever. Guild groups will grant us more influence, which means we'll get to guild missions faster.
-A 'core group' is in the process of creation for guild missions when they become available, a new rank has been created to reflect such.
        -A rank was added called 'Guild Alliance' for members who do not rep often, but are still active.

Site Updates
-New forum sections have been created for the following: Class discussions, Dungeons discussions, Guild missions, Suggestion box. A more detailed explanation of each is in each section.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Darkeldar, Sep 4, 12 5:54 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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